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A Historical Preservation Film Project With technological origins tracing back to Germany during the Second World War, This reassembled 16mm film footage recorded in 1970, shows an early Lycoming prototype of the AGT1500 Gas Turbine Engine operating as poof-of- concept in a slave M-48 tank chassis, in support of the development test program.  Found unedited in an old filing cabinet tagged for disposal, this rare corporate film provides an historical look into the early engineering effort behind the AGT1500 Gas Turbine Engine designed and manufactured at Avco Lycoming in Stratford, Connecticut.  
Intangible: "That which cannot be easily defined, formulated or grasped; vague" Assembled from decades-old 8mm film,  fragmented images of memory, embodied in decaying media and chosen for their visual texture & artistic quality, are presented in a dream-like sequence, that awaken a perception of some past - long forgotten by time. Imagery for this work was choreographed to a psycho-active score by renowned ambient electronic musicians APRODUCE & Loren Nerell.
Filmed in PIXELVISION  Deb010805 is an experimental film that was the result of exploring filmic images possible with ‘modded’ effect-controls on a 1990 vintage Fisher-Price PXL2000 toy digital-video camera.  With only 90-scan lines possible from the early digital circuitry of this imaging device which amazingly records video to cassette tape, the resulting imagery is deeply textured, shadowed and pixelated. Revealed in this work are moods derived from hidden visual artifacts, textures, and light, all assembled into a mesmerizing visual tone-poem.  
The raw materials used in dream construction must, therefore, be traces of prior perceptual experiences of the dreamer.”                                                                                     - David Foulkes
fragments of memory:  film, media & machine vision
Prototype (2015)
Intangible (2019)
Deb010805 (2009)
Note (Dec 2019): INTANGIBLE will be password protected until May 2020 when the film completes its film-festival circuit.
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