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Textured images and sound design to convey ideas beyond language.

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My digital films are experimental and made for artistic expression, based on ideas, inspired images and sound, crafted to experience a perception of reality. I use digital media to create a unique and original ‘motion-picture’ experience through imagery and sound, assembled through a methodology I developed that I call the Subconscious Process. This Subconscious Process is based on the science of how the mind creates complex dream stories from seemingly random waking- state memories….Explore this site.     
PSYCHOTROPIC “An agent that alters or effects the mind or psyche.” News!
Thought lost for 99-years, a 1918 silent-era movie filmed in Arivaca, Arizona: “The Trail to Yesterday has been discovered at the eyeFILM Archive in Holland by Psychotropic Films. This film will be restored in preparation for its 100th year anniversary presentation.
THE DOME will screen at the AROSANTI International Film Carnivale on Saturday 27 April 2019. Details at: http://www.arcosantifilmcarnivale.com/arcosanti-films/
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