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My digital films are experimental projects based on concepts I develop that express my perception of reality.  Each work takes ideas that support the original concept and expresses them through inspired images and sound.  I use digital and analog media to create a unique an original ‘motion-picture’ experience that utilizes world-class music and sound design and such filmic projects are assembled using a methodology I developed termed the ‘Subconscious Process’. This approach is based on the science of how the mind creates complex dream stories from seemingly random waking-state memories…. Explore this site and discover an alternate method of ‘motion-picture’ creation. Details here:  The Subconscious Process     
PSYCHOTROPIC “An agent that alters or effects the mind or psyche.” News!
Thought lost for over 100-years, a 1918 silent-era movie filmed in Arivaca, Arizona:  “The Trail to Yesterday has been discovered at the eyeFILM Archive in Amsterdam by Psychotropic Films. This film will be  restored and preserved  inpreparation for its 100th year anniversary presentation.
The restoration of this silent era film; "The Trail To Yesterday" (1918) is currently in development by digital filmmaker Bart Santello and Psychotropic Films LLC.  This 'teaser' was made to serve the purpose of demonstrating the success to date of the restoration process; convey a sense of mystery behind this western's melodrama; and provide credits and production information to collaborators, historians and film preservationists that are currently, or may in the future provide assistance in this digital restoration Watch the teaser on VIMEO below: 
Follow THE TRAIL TO YESTERDAY developments on Blogger:  https://trailtoyesterday.blogspot.com/
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