Psychotropic: “An altering effect on the mind or psyche.”

Psychotropic Films is a digital film production company located in Phoenix and Arivaca, Arizona. 

The purpose of the company is to provide films of artistic expression and introspection, while maintaining the original concept of film as a “motion picture”.

Working with established ambient-electronic musicians world-wide, Psychtropic Filmsshowcases a combined experience of music with both still and motion-picture imagery, to present a unique perception on ideas which are the basis of our films.

Using a range of imaging, audio and computer technologies, from vintage analog to cutting-edge digital, both existing multi-media and newly photographed elements are brought together with innovative ideas for 21st century digital content.

Engaging the Filmmaking community, digital artist Bart Santello provides field recording, editing, photographing, sound design and general post-production services, to video and film projects as contracted.

Visit our blog (Day Residue) for the latest updates.

Explore the Mind of Psychotropic Films

Here’s how I set-up this website: Waking State: This homepage is a quick introduction to myself and this site. Subconscious: Is a detailed discussion of how I create and assemble films - essentially an artist’s statement. Day Residue: This page is a link to my ‘Blogger’ web-log which contains up-to-date information on films and projects, with links to website that are currently streaming my films. This web-log has essentially been my web-site until now. Digital Dreams: A page under construction that will eventually discuss and show my short films. In the meantime you refer to the ‘Day Residue’ link. Precognition: Here you will find previews of the ideas behind future films. Other Realities: Is a ‘links’ page to people, places and things, along with direction to sites of collaborating musicians. Bio-Feedback: Is a ‘contact’ page with a guest book, should you need to reach me for comments, questions or professional reasons. I plan to expand this site further to include additional explorations into digital multi-media.



will be screened

at the

2013 Arivaca Independent

 Filmmakers Exhibition

   Showing Saturday night March 2nd 6:30pm

Arivaca Community Center,

Universal Ranch Road, Arivaca, AZ 85003

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Promo Image 2013
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